CA Program Length After twelfth & Graduation

CA Program Length After twelfth & Graduation


CA Course Length: Chartered Accountancy is one of the most prestigious degrees available in the commerce stream, and it is also one of the highest-paying careers. The least CA Course length after 12th grade is about five years, while the required CA Program duration after graduation is around 4.5 years. Furthermore, after completing the tenth grade, it takes around seven years to finish the Chartered Accountancy Program. The length of the Chartered Accountancy course, on the other hand, grows in direct proportion to the number of tries you make to pass the tests.


Students must pass the CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final examinations over the duration of the CA Study. Aside from that, you must also finish the three-year articleship training program. Furthermore, there is no restriction on the age at which one may sit for the CA tests. If you meet the eligibility requirements for the CA examinations, you may register for the tests at any age. In addition, the ICAI has lifted the restriction on the number of tries that might be made.


Details of the CA Program Following the 12th

After passing the 12th grade, students are able to sit for the CA Foundation examinations, which require them to complete a four-month study session. As soon as a student passes the CA Foundation test, he or she must register for and complete the 8-month study time required for the CA Intermediate exam.


After passing any one of the CA Intermediate groups, candidates are able to participate in the articleship training programme, which lasts for three years. Finally, you\’ll have a 5-month study time to prepare for the CA Final test, after which you\’ll be able to call yourself a Chartered Accountant. As a result, the total time required for the CA Program after the 12th is five years.


CA Course Duration after Class 12th

CA Course Details Months
CA Foundation Study Period 4 Months
Waiting Period of CA Foundation Result 2 Months
CA Intermediate Study Period 8 Months
Waiting Period of CA Intermediate Result

(Complete ITT and OT during such period)

2 Months
Articleship Training 3 Years
Preparation Period for CA Final 6 Months
CA Final Result 2 Months

Now everyone understands how many yrs this will takes to become CA. The only difficulty is that you have to accomplish all its stages on your very first try because every number of efforts extends your six months on this path.


After the tenth grade, the duration of the CA course

The length of the CA program after grade 10th is seven years. Students may now begin their journey in the CA Foundation course as soon as they complete their 10th-grade year by obtaining direct entry. After passing their class 12th examinations, students would be able to sit for their final exams. The process is identical to that of becoming a CA after 12th grade; only two years are needed for the 11th and 12th grades.


CA Program time After Graduation

The CA Program length after completing Graduation is 4.5 years. Candidates who have graduated may immediately apply for the CA Intermediate Course. They don\’t have to clear the CA Foundation examinations. During this stage, you have to endure the 30-day internship, 2.5 years of articleship, as well as the duration of study for CA Inter and Final. Check the list below with the CA Course length after completion of Graduation.

CA Course Details Duration
Complete ITT and OT during 1 Month
CA Intermediate study period 8 Months
Waiting Period of CA Intermediate Result 2 Months
Articleship Training 3 Years
Preparation Period for CA Final 6 Months
CA Final Result 2 Months

Despite the fact that 4.5 years is the bare minimum, each try extends your time by six months.


Time Required for Each Level of the Chartered Accountancy Course

Duration of the CA Foundation Course

The CA Foundation Program is the first step in pursuing a career in Chartered Accountancy. Students who have completed their 12th grade may participate in the CA programme. Following registration, individuals must complete a four-month study period before being eligible to sit for the CA Foundation Exam. After passing the examinations, you will receive your CA Foundation results within two months of the date on which the exams are completed. As a result, the CA Foundation program is completed in six months.


The CA Intermediate Course will last for two weeks.

The CA Intermediate Program must be taken once the student has passed the CA Foundation examinations. After completing the registration process, a candidate must complete an eight-month study period in order to be eligible to sit for the CA Intermediate Exam. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India distributes the CA Intermediate results within two months after the final test date. As a result, the CA Intermediate program will take ten months to finish.



Before beginning the Articleship Training, students must complete 100 hours of information technology training as well as a one-week orientation session. As part of their preparation for such CA Intermediate exams, students may undergo this kind of instruction.


Preparation for Articleship

The Chartered Accountant training period lasts three years and is an integral aspect of the Chartered Accountant degree. Upon passing either one or both groups of the CA Intermediate, candidates are able to enrol for Articleship training.



AICITSS is an acronym that stands for Advanced Information Technology and Management and Communication Skills Program. Candidates may participate in this programme while completing their final two years of Articleship Training at the same time.


Duration of the CA Final Course

The Chartered Accountant Last Examination (CA Final) is the final level of the Chartered Accountant programme. Students must pass both groups of the CA Intermediate in order to be eligible to enrol for the CA Final Course. While completing the remaining six months of Articleship training, one may sit for the CA Final Exam and get their CA certification.

Once you have passed both sets of the CA Final exam and have finished your three years of Articleship Training, you will be eligible to become a Chartered Accountant.

I hope this has give you a good sense of how long the Chartered Accountancy Course will take. You have read in this post about the length of the CA Course after class 12th and after graduating from college. You\’re also aware of the qualifying requirements for the CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final tests, among other things. Keep up with us for more articles like this, and you\’ll soon learn how to become a Certified Public Accountant after the 12th.


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