CA Course Fees in India(2022): Foundation, Intermediate, Final

CA Course Fees in India(2022): Foundation, Intermediate, Final


Today in this article, we\’ll explore CA course fees in India for all levels, including:

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate, and Final.

As we know,

  • Chartered Accountancy is an affordable and well-known education in India.
  • There is a significant need for Chartered Accountants in India, and the pay is quite good.
  • Students must take national exams to become Chartered Accountants.
  • The overall expenses for CA courses over about five years are a typical concern source. 

So don’t worry, just stay tuned till the end of this article for all information about Ca course fees 2022!

How To Become Chartered Accountant:

Chartered Accountancy is divided into three stages, each of which must be completed by the candidate before becoming a CA.

The procedures to become a chartered accountant in India –

  1. CA Foundation
  2. CA Intermediate
  3. CA Final

Students who want to become the CA after 12th science stream can apply for the CA Foundation exam, which is the entry-level examination for the program, after passing the 12th board exams.

After completing the 12th examination, they will be eligible to apply for CA Foundation examination.

The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICAI) does not discriminate between commerce and scientific students.

The terms and conditions to do ca after 12th are the same for all students, regardless of the stream in which they have completed their studies.

  • Typically, students from science field have little knowledge of courses from the commerce stream and believe that pursuing a profession as a chartered accountant will be extremely tough.
  • The truth is that science students will have an easier time pursuing this course because they are excellent at solving practical sums, and CAs are well-known players of numbers in the financial world, as opposed to other students.
  • While reviewing the Financial Statements, they are supposed to learn and go over the Financial Ratios with their supervisor.

The only obstacle will be to get an advantage over the Science students in Accounting, which is a crucial topic in the Chartered Accountancy degree.

Because Chartered Accountants are the first accountants, you will not progress unless you have a thorough understanding of accounting. Other Chartered Accountant subjects are new to everyone.

Therefore students from the science field need to study them in the same manner as commerce students.

Procedure to become a Chartered accountant after 12th Science: 

Step 1: After passing Class 12th, enroll in the CA Foundation Course :
  • Candidates who have completed the class 12th exams directed by an examination body that has been recognized by the Central Government as being equivalent to that of the class 12th examination established by law in India are eligible to enroll in the CA Foundation Programme.
  • Following successful completion of the 10+2 Examination (Senior Secondary Examination), a registered student may appear in the CA Foundation Exam once.

If you want to pursue the CA Foundation course after finishing your 12th grade, you must register yourself for CA Foundation registration and study for a minimum of four months before you are ready to fulfill the qualifying requirements.

If you are a graduate or postgraduate then you can directly register at the intermediate level via ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme.


Step2: Registration for CA Intermediate Or CA Inter:

To be eligible to register for the CA Inter the candidate must pass both the CA Foundation and the 12th grade.

  • Students can enroll for the CA Intermediate examinations after passing the CA Foundation exams.
  • The ICAI has developed the Direct Entry Route, which allows students to participate in the CA Intermediate Course without taking the Foundation examinations.
Step3: Articleship:
  • CA Foundation[ Entry Level], CA Inter, 3 Years Articleship Training, and CA Final are the four levels of the Chartered Accountancy program.
  • Until now, students had to pass all three levels of the Chartered Accountancy curriculum and complete three years of practical training.
  • The goal of the ICAI\’s three-year practical training program is to prepare CA students to use theoretical knowledge in the real world and to prepare them to enter the corporate sector immediately after graduation.

For this, you must work for three years under the supervision of the trained CA.

Step4: Registration for CA Final Course:

The applicant can apply for ca final exam during the last six months of their three-year articled training period.

Join the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and declare yourself a \”Chartered Accountant.\” after clearing the ca final examination.


How To Become Chartered Accountant After 12th Science Flowchart:


ICAI CA Foundation Course Fees 2022:

The CA Foundation course is the initial step in pursuing the CA certification. CA Foundation registrations are available twice a year, in June and December.

The CA Foundation\’s annual fee structure is 10,900/-, covering registration, journal membership, and examination expenses.

Total ICAI CA Foundation Course Fees
Details For overseas Students For Indian students
CA FoundationCourse Registration Fees $ 700 ₹ 9000
Journal membership for a year $ 20 ₹ 200
CA Foundation Exams fees $ 325 ₹ 1500
Practical training fees [articleship]
Online Exam form fees $ 20 ₹ 200
Total Expenses $ 1065 ₹ 10,900

Before we go any further, let us understand that the ICAI charges the following CA Foundation course fees in 2022.

CA Foundation Course Registration Fees 2022:

  • The CA Foundation registration fees are charged to students to register for the course.
  • The students benefit from a varied program sponsored by ICAI related to new updating and new techniques to meet current demands in skills.

Thus, the registration fee of CA foundation 2022 is ₹ 9000


ICAI CA Foundation Journal Membership Fees 2022:

  • The ICAI has its in-house publishing department that is solely responsible for producing the magazine for CA students and members.
  • This publication contains up-to-date industry and CA course information.
  • They are also launching an E-magazine to promote the green movement and be socially responsible.

To obtain this magazine, you must pay a subscription fee of Rs. 200/- for a year. But Students may choose whether or not to pay this charge.

CA Foundation Course  Application Fees 2022:

  • Students must pay the CA Foundation application fees to enroll for the exams offered in May and December after registering for the course and completing the required study period of four months.
  • The ICAI conducts the exam at several locations throughout India.

CA Foundation application fees or examination fee of ₹ 1500/- is paid by the student to get an admit card and appear for exams.

Application fees for CA Foundation Course 2022 details:

(i) ₹ 1500/- (For choosing Centre in India)

(ii) ₹ 2200/- (For choosing Kathmandu Centre)

(iii) US$ 325/- (For choosing Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, or Muscat Centers)

Students, Please Note: 

Late Fees of ₹ 600/- for Centers in India and Kathmandu (US$ 10 for Overseas Centers) are applicable.


Important Must Read: ICAI Exam Form May 2022: CA Foundation Exam Form


ICAI CA Foundation Fees Structure: Reappearing in the Exams:

The registration for the ICAI CA foundation course is valid for three years. After the registration term has expired, you must re-validate it for a fee of RS. 500.

Thus, Students who do not pass their Foundation examinations must simply pay the examination fees and get a new admission card to sit for the following exams.


ICAI CA Intermediate Course Fees 2022:

There are two ways for students to enroll for the CA intermediate course:

First Route:

Students who take the Foundation Route complete their Foundation exams and enroll in the Intermediate level. In August and February, registration for intermediate-level students takes place twice a year.

Second Route:

Graduates who wish to skip the Foundation level and go straight to the Intermediate level should use the direct entry scheme.

Again, there are two options for this strategy:

  • Candidates who are graduate or postgraduate
  •  Candidates who are at the intermediate level of CS course or CFA course and want to be CA

They can directly register for the CA Intermediate level.


ICAI CA Inter Course Total Fees 2022:

Total CA Inter Course Fees 2022
Particulars Inter single group(₹)(CA foundation entry) Inter Both Groups (₹)(CA foundation entry) Intermediate fee for Direct Entry Route
Journal membership Rs. 200
Examination fees Rs.1500 Rs. 2700 Rs. 2700
Registration fees Rs.13000 Rs. 18000 Rs. 18000
Practical training fees Rs. 6500+7000 Rs. 6500+7000 ICITSS Rs.6500+7000
Online form fees Rs. 200 Rs. 200 Rs. 200
Students activity fees Rs. 2000 Rs. 2000 Rs. 2000
Total ₹ 30,200 ₹ 36,400 ₹ 36,600

ICAI CA Inter Course Fees 2022 for Student Overseas:

Type Of Fees CA Inter Both Groups CA Inter Single Group
Registration Fees Us$ 1000 Us$ 600
Exams fees Us$ 500 Us$ 325


All Students Please Note: 

  • A Late Fee of ₹ 600/- for Centers in India and Kathmandu (US$ 10 for Overseas Centers) is applicable.
  • The journals are free of cost for a student at this level.

ICAI CA Inter Course Registration Fees 2022:

The CA Intermediate registration fees differ considerably on registering for one group or both.

According to their preparedness, students on the foundation route may enroll for either a single group or both groups.

In the case of the CA foundation entry route, CA intermediate registration fees are $13,000 for a single group and $18,000 for both groups. 

Direct Entry students are required to enroll for both groups. For both groups, students must pay a registration fee of $8,000.

For overseas students, the CA inter registration fees for Intermediate level students in 2022 is US$ 600 for a single group and US$ 1000 for both groups.

Exams Fee or Application Fees for CA Inter Course  2022:

The examination fee or application fee for the Intermediate single group is 1500, while the Intermediate examination fee or application fee for both groups is 2700.

According to their preparation,

Students on the foundation route may participate in either a single group exam or both group examinations.

The examination fee for a single group is 1500 rupees, and the charge for both groups is 2700 rupees.

Direct Entry students must enroll for both groups. However, they are not permitted to take single-group examinations.

For overseas students, the Intermediate examination price is US$ 325 for a single group and US$ 500 for both groups.


Journal Fee for CA Intermediate level 2022:

For students at this level, the journals are free. However, students who enroll via the Direct Entry route must pay a journal subscription fee of $200.


Candidates Activity Fees for CA Intermediate Level 2022:

Students pay Student Activity Fees to attend ICAI workshops, seminars, and conferences during this level. All students must pay a fee of $2,000 each.


ICITSS Fees for CA Inter level 2022:

Fees for the ICITSS CA course, the ICAI has combined the old Information Technology and Orientation Curriculum practical training program into an ICITSS combo pack. 

For CA students, it\’s a four-week requirement. 

ICAI will hold this session for a minimum of 6 hours over 15 days.

This course will assist students in getting familiar with the accounting software and interfacing with the outside world. 

The cost of organizing these sessions is an ICITSS charge of Rs. 13,500/-. For all students, the price is the same.


  • CA Intermediate registration is valid for four years.
  • By paying a fee of 400, the registration may be verified once more.

Students who wish to switch from an old IPCC course to a new Intermediate course must pay a fee of Rs. 500/- if their registration is still valid.


ICAI CA Final Course Fees 2022:

The CA final course is in the program\’s last stage.

After completing three years of practical training and passing the Intermediate level, you may register at any time.

Please all students note:

  • The registration is valid for five years and may be renewed.
  • The charge for re-validating ICAI does not specify the registration.


Total Course Fees for CA Final 2022:

Total ICAI CA Final Course Fees
Particulars CA Articleship CA Finals Overseas Students
Registration Fees ₹ 22,000 Us $1000
Journal membership fee Free Free
Exams fees ₹ 1800/3300 $ 550
Practical training fees(7000+7500) ₹ 2000 ₹ 14,500
Total Expenses ₹ 2000 ₹ 39,800 $ 1550

All students please note: 

A Late Fee of ₹ 600/- for Centers in India and Kathmandu (US$10 for Overseas Centers) is applicable.

Registration Fees for ICAI CA Final 2022:

For Indian students, CA final registration fees for both groups: ₹ 22,000.

For students from overseas, US$ 1000 for both groups.


Application/Exam Fee for CA Final 2022:

The CA Final course\’s exam fee or application fee is ₹ 3300/- for both groups, and ₹ 1800/- is for the CA Final Single Group.

  • The Final exams fee for students from overseas is US$ 550 for both groups.


Practical Training /Articleship Fee: CA Final 2022:

The articleship fee of $2,000 is paid at enrollment or when Practical training starts.

Students must additionally pay a fee of 500 to enroll for the ICAI\’s Practical Training Assessment Test, which will evaluate the student\’s practical knowledge obtained during their Articleship.


AICITSS Training Fee for ICAI CA Final 2022:

AICITSS training is divided into information technology and soft skills, each charging 7000 and 7500 rupees.

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