Which test series is better for CA final group 1?

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Jasveer Singh 7 months 2022-03-03T15:28:06+05:30 1 Answer 6 views Teacher 0

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    Nowadays there are various online test series platforms available for CA aspirants. I have good experience with these platforms. In short, I suggest CAtestseries.org to all CA students as it really helps me to improve my score in various subjects Like in the audit I got 64 marks. I was not so good at audit or other theory subjects.

    Test series helps me to understand the presentation of answer structure which I think is very important. I always believe that most of the mistakes or things one understands from experience, so it is always better to take guidance from experts who have good experience in the respective fields.

    I took coaching of Audit from CA Pankaj Garg Sir which is I guess one of the best faculty in CA Field. For FR I choose CA Parveen Jindal, SFM from Sanjay Saraf, the law from CA Darshan sir, SCMPE from Sanjay sir, DT from Banwar sir, and IDT from CA Vishal Sir.

    One important thing which I want to share with my friends is that you can take coaching from any faculty but in the end, it all depends on revision. Revision is something that separates an average student from a rank holder. We all know that written practice takes a lot of work to score well but it was not possible because of the extensive syllabus so I think it is better to opt for a mock test series. It provides us some unique questions which explore our concepts, we do some important questions written practice because it is not possible to practice all the questions, and also we can get some guidance to improve ourselves.

    Some outlines to prepare for exams

    Must make a study planner for the revision
    Must make a notebook of mistakes done
    Must study difficult topics during the morning session
    Don’t feel stressed
    Make proper formats in the exams
    My experience is purely based on my personal situation.

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