Which elective paper of CA final is lucrative?


Which elective paper of CA final is lucrative?

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Jasveer Singh 7 months 2022-03-14T12:46:22+05:30 1 Answer 3 views Teacher 0

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    According to my knowledge as well as experience any non theory subject would be my choice and I will tell you the reason for that later.

    Following are the options for paper 6 of CA finals:—

    1. Risk Management
    2. International Taxation
    3. Economic Laws
    4. Financial Services & Capital Markets
    5. Global Financial Reporting Standards
    6. Multidisciplinary Case Study

    Financial Services & Capital Markets IS MY CHOICE FOR ELECTIVE PAPER.

    Actually ICAI uses scaling for limiting the number of passed out CAs in the market. And this scaling is very easy with any theory subjects, But they grant full marks for correctly solved practical problems(experienced while passing CA exams). So, we must try, not to give ICAI a chance for scaling of our marks, as it is a widely accepted practice by Institue of chartered accountants of India.

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