Which book should one refer to for the CA final audit?

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Jasveer Singh 7 months 2022-03-02T15:25:30+05:30 1 Answer 6 views Teacher 0

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    For audit I would suggest using Surbhi Bansal’s book. It pretty much covers all the concepts and the language is also fairly simple.

    Also, I would suggest using Pankaj Garg’s charts atleast for the SAs part. They come in very handy for the purpose of revision, since SAs take a lot of time if you refer the whole chapter again and again.

    Talking about use of Practice Manual, it is mandatory to go through the questions in PM not only for audit but for other subjects as well. Read thePM atleast thrice so that you are aware of what actually is expected in the answers.

    Hope the answer will be helpful! 🙂

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