What was your CA final preparation strategy?


Please share I need to know Its my 8th attempt and wants to clear the may 2022 attempt.

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    Here you go!

    First Year of Articleship

    My CA final attempt was due in Nov 2017 and my preparations did not begin any earlier than other CA Final candidates. I had joined a mid-sized firm in Chennai in April 2015. My batch mates had already started their preparation and had joined various classes while my mind kept repeating that maybe it was too early! After considering facts and combating confusion for days I decided not to study in my first year. I decided to devote that year to cricket and was playing the 5th division of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association League. Matches were usually held early in the morning, so this decision dint really create any impact my articleship. Apart from cricket, I was also interested in the stock market and started investing and reading about the same. One line summary –no CA Final preparation in the 1st year.

    Here is my performance in the league (not very great though)



    CA Final Preparation in Second Year of Articleship

    Having missed the bus on purpose in the 1st year, I had to make up for it in the 2nd year. While others were doing one class at a time, I was left with no option but to join two classes simultaneously. I joined FR and AMA in June 2016. I preferred classes over self-study for practical subjects because I always felt that the expert teaching the subject simplifies it and if I were to study the same on my own, I would end up spending twice the time to understand the concepts. I was very attentive in the class (when you sacrifice the early morning sleep, you better pay attention) and ensured that 60% of the preparation was done in my class itself, which is the whole point of joining a coaching class. Once the classes were done in September 2016, there was a 2-month break. I ensured that 80% of the preparation was done in these 2 months for FR and AMA. The focus was more on understanding the concepts rather than solving sums from the material ICAI had provided.

    The next set of classes began in December 2016 when I joined SFM and DT. Since I missed study in Year 1, I had to catch up on other subjects too. With 2 classes already ongoing, I decided to join Law in February 2017 too. At this stage, I had classes every day morning and evening, and articleship in between. The only reason I used to go home was to sleep. The moment I got into bed, I was almost dead! I literally felt so low at this stage that I decided to quit the Law class. That was when reality hit me hard and I realized that I had become a machine – running in cycles! My day was about getting up, going to class, then office, then again class, home, dinner, study, and sleep……..! Was there a life? No there wasn’t. My heart longed for the field. I was REALLY missing the early morning matches. I was desperate for a break but then that was a far fetched dream! And then one day it hit me that I hadn’t touched my cricket bat for almost a year! How could I stay away from the one thing I loved? The CA Final course had made me ignorant of everything beautiful I was surrounded by! Just when SFM and DT were about to get over, the registration for IDT classes had begun and batches were starting from the very next day. Break had become a Utopian concept then!

    IDT started in April 2017 and I just didn’t like the class. I quit it midway and started to prepare for the subject on my own. But then AMA and ISCA were also to be focused on! So well! I guess my summer of 2017 was planned!

    CA Final Preparation Plan in Study Leave

    Not sure if this was the break I was looking for! My study leave started from June 2017 and I had solid 5 months for preparation time. Wait a minute, I hadn’t seen my love for more than a year. And a cricket tournament was lined up in June and July. I made up my mind to play the tournament and my Sundays were spent for my love. Played the tournament, got the man of the series award and parted with my beloved once again, courtesy – CA Final of course! Tax, FR, SFM… all awaited my undivided attention!

    The CA Final subject wise preparation plan for study leave was as follows:

    • Finish 1st read of group 1 in June
    • Finish 1st read of group 2 in July
    • 1st revision of all 8 subjects in the next 40 days
    • 2nd revision of all 8 subjects in the next 25 days
    • 3rd and final revision of all 8 subjects in the next 25 days

    The 1st read and the 1st revision were in the order of exams. The 2nd and 3rd revision were in the reverse order.

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