What is your diet plan during CA exams?

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Jasveer Singh 7 months 2022-03-02T16:20:17+05:30 1 Answer 3 views Teacher 0

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    Diet will play a crucial role when it comes to your health.

    Being healthy and fit during exam is most important.

    If you won’t eat right and won’t eat enough, you would end up getting sick.

    You simply cannot afford to get sick during this period.

    So I would suggest :

    • Eat your normal and healthy food
    • Don’t eat any junk
    • Don’t skip any meal
    • Keep a check on the meal size
    • While studying, there is a lot of brain work required because of which the glucose level in your body tends to go down. So always keep some toffies like kopiko with you
    • Keep sipping water

    Hope my answer was of some use

    All the best (y)

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