What is the worth of a CA inter in the market?


What is the worth of a CA inter in the market?

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Jasveer Singh 7 months 2022-03-14T13:07:37+05:30 1 Answer 5 views Teacher 0

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    I guess i am qualified enough to answer this as i have recruited a couple of CA Inter in my previous organizations..

    It all depends on which line you want to go to. It is an age old idea that CAs can only do audit and tax. Our profession has grown so well in stature that businesses cannot do anything without a chartered accountant now.

    We are the people who understand business, we are the ones who understand valuation, taxation. This combination is very rare.

    I am into IT consulting. Again, it was an age old idea that IT = Coding, IT = Software engineers. IT has lot of other more important and much more valued segments, the most important of all is ERP.

    CAs add immense value here. As an inter, you are expected to understand accounting and tax (indirect tax). This can be well used for companies especially SMEs who are implementing an ERP system to manage their business operations.

    So, i suggest you try your luck in ERP area where you can expect a much better package (I would say around 40k–45k gross) , overall exposure and abundant travel.

    Good Luck

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