What are the most common CA articleship interview questions and answers?

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    Any good interviewer will try to delve upon these 3 different aspects during the interview :

    1. Basic knowledge
    2. General awareness
    3. Compatibility of your personality with the organization


    • How many Accounting Standards are effective at present ?
    • Which AS/IND AS is your favorite ? ( if you’re really confident, you can tell that you are comfortable with all the AS )
    • What is IND AS ? ( Bonus points if you say we “converged with IFRS” and not “adapted IFRS”. Most people get this wrong.)
    • Some throwaway questions from Standards. Mostly AS 14, AS 2, AS 9 , AS 16 etc.,
    • If the candidate has chosen TAX as the preferred department, some questions from GST.
    • Companies Act major provisions and amendments
    • Auditing Standards ( Number of standards, which is the most important standard etc.,)


    The interviewer will try to test if you have come prepared for the interview

    • Why “ this firm” ? ( Deal breaker question. Convincing answer is required. Make sure you throw some special facts about the firm or some references to your seniors. )
    • What do you think about “ insert major recent events “ ( Demonetisation, GST implementation etc.,)
    • What is your plan after Articleship ?
    • Which other firms have you applied to ? And will you choose us even if others offer you a place?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses? ( Even your weakness should sound like a strength. Good luck with that 🙂 )


    • Can you work for long hours?
    • Will you be able to sacrifice your weekends?
    • Do you love your work enough to cut down on your extra curriculars?
    • Are you comfortable with outstation audits ? ( Mostly targeted to girls )
    • Which is more important? Classes or Work? ( Be diplomatic. Don’t stress on either. BOTH are important is the only answer)

    Hope the answer helps ! Have a great day ahead !

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