What are the best YouTube channels for CA preparation?

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    Hey buddy, I’ve just passed CA foundation, currently preparing for CA Inter.

    So I’m well versed up to tell you about the best Youtube channel for CA foundation.

    There is no other channel except Unacademy CA foundation pro channel. Unacademy has created a monopoly over youtube for teaching CA foundation students.

    Unacademy conducts its free classes on two platforms i.e. Youtube and on it’s special classes on the unacademy app.

    There are many educators on the unacademy platform. But I’ll suggest to you some of the top educators for all four papers at the foundation level.

    P1 (Accounts) = CA CS Anshul Agarwal

    P2 ( Law & BCR) = CA Indresh Gandhi

    P3 (B. Maths , Stats & LR) = CA Nishant Kumar or CA Pranav Popat

    P4 ( Eco & BCK) = CA Akhilesh Daga




    For CA inter I won’t suggest you unacademy because they don’t have well-qualified teachers who can match the teaching of experts in the CA Inter field

    CA Inter

    1. P1 = CA Praveen Jindal
    2. P2 = CA Siddhart Agarwal or CA Ankita Patni
    3. P3 = CA Purshottam Agarwal or CA Rahul Garg
    4. P4 = CA Sahil Jain
    5. P5 = CA Praveen Jindal
    6. P6 = CA Aarti Lahoti
    7. P7 = CA Swapnil Patni
    8. P8 = CA Swapnil Patni.

    I’ve mentioned the subject’s best faculties. P7 & P8 can be done by self-study also.

    .I’ve no idea for CA finals, so forgive me.

    .Thank You for reading!!!

    Good luck for your exams.

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