Please suggest some study tips for ca students?

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    Some of the basic tips that I would recommend, in the form of a timeline right from the day you pass Intermediate exams to the day you attempt Final exams.

    • Immediately plan the three years roughly – Plan your next three years immediately after clearing Intermediate exam. You don’t need to plan in detail, even a rough plan is sufficient. Indeed, if you plan in detail you will feel disheartened when your life doesn’t turn out as you planned, since in long term nothing can be predicted and a lot of unprecedented events are bound to arise. Management principles teach us that long term future must always be planned roughly.

    • Choose your Boss, not your Firm – After clearing Intermediate exam, one of the most significant decision you take is joining a CA firm for Articleship. My advice will always be to choose your articleship on the basis of your prospective principal and not according to the prospects of the firm. The reason is very simple, prospects of the firm decides how much they are going to earn, it doesn’t mean you will equally learn. (It rhymes!) A good firm doesn’t necessarily mean that the principal will also be good and thereby, it also doesn’t mean that your articleship will be magical period. However, a good principal always looks after your training with care, even if he doesn’t have good clients and therefore, your articleship is in safe hands.
    • Articleship is a part of your CA Final Studies – Your articleship experience is very helpful for simplifying a few subjects in CA Final. Thus, try to gain as much experience as possible. Use studies to improve your articleship performance and use articleship experience to simplify your studies. Integrating your articleship and your CA final studies is the best thing you can do to your career.
    • Follow the Real Industry – Articleship is the best time to develop the habit of financial news. This habit once inculcated will never leave you and will become your most prized asset for life. Besides, if you desire to work in certain industry, start following that industry from now. After completing CA, when you will appear for interviews, this knowledge that you have accumulated in three years will keep you distinguished from all other candidates there.

    • Sleep in class, but don’t miss concepts – Generally we recommend one should not sleep in classroom. However, we all know it is almost impossible. I won’t lie, I too used to sleep a lot in classroom and I completely understand it is necessary that we take a small nap in between the long tedious lectures. Hence, I recommend take short naps of five minutes, it is completely okay, but sleep only when the teacher is explaining the part of chapter which you find easy or have already understood or solving a sum which is repetitive. Besides, also fix a human alarm to wake you up i.e. tell your neighbour to wake you up when teacher has completed that easy concept or easy sum.
    • Be regular, don’t miss any lecture – Okay, there are some days when five minutes nap is not enough and we bunk an entire lecture. I would rather recommend, go to class and sleep there. Firstly, it maintains your continuity of going to classes. Secondly, if there is something important being taught, the teacher will obviously announce first “Now next concept is very important.” Your mind catches that “important” word and immediately wakes up. So you never miss important concepts. If you are really tired or partly unwell, still go for the class, you can skip writing, just keep your ears open. That’s all.
    • Maintain your attendance record – It worked for me. For many coaching classes, I used to keep a record of ‘number of lectures missed’ on the first page of my notes. I used to feel guilty every time I marked a day there and ultimately it helped me in attending lectures regularly. It is very important to attend lectures regularly. Concepts are
    • Find your buddy for study – Find a friend or an office colleague who is sincere at attending classes. If such person has good sense of humour, it would be a plus point. This friend should be your buddy for attending classes. It helps a lot. Even if you feel to bunk lecture someday, your friend would push you attend, because he wants to attend and vice versa can also happen. He can also act your human alarm during short naps. You can share notes and also teach each other, if someday you miss any lecture.
    • Keep your notes up to date – Before you enter into your preparatory leave period, ensure that all your notes are completed. Take photocopies of all notes if you don’t have any. In short, you have to ensure that during preparatory leave, you don’t have to disturb any of your friends and actually also waste your own time in collecting notes. Your “Source of study” should be ready before you start your preparatory leave studies. Once decided, these notes should not change until the exams. Friends may refer other notes, but you stick to what you have decided initially.

    • Detailed short term planning – When you are into your preparatory leave days, plan it well. Don’t plan in detail for the entire period, a rough plan will be better. Instead, plan in detail only for next day and next entire week. You will have to update your long term plan after every week and therefore, a detailed long term plan will not be much helpful.
    • Prepare shorter version of your notes – In the end, you will have only one and a half day to study. Even if you have studied in the most perfect manner, but if one day before exams you are not able to revise the entire syllabus, you are already low on confidence and your performance will not be as good as you might have expected. Short notes are necessary. Perform a test study before exams to see if the notes you have prepared can be studied within a single day.
    • Practice solving questions – Again in the end, you will have to answer in writing with time constraint of three hours for entire paper, so thirty minutes for each question. Why not practice & prepare for the thing that you have to do in the end? Do not skip paper solving, paper solving should be done, even if you have not studied the entire syllabus.
    • Practice Manual is never going to be sufficient – A Big No, actually Never is the more appropriate word. Practice Manual questions are ‘examples’ of what kind of questions can be asked or what type of questions were asked in the past. It is not exhaustive! Your Study Material is exhaustive. If you are done with your Study Material means you have covered the entire portion. Paper setters always try to come up with some new types of questions. You cannot answer those questions if you have studied Practice Manual only. Concepts are your ground floor, without understanding them you cannot build the first floor.
    • 8 hours regularly is much better than 12 hours but irregular – This title is just example, I wish to emphasize on regularity. The number of hours you study is important, however, it is more important how consistently you study. If you study too much one day and next day you are not able to study, I remark it as poor studied. You will not be able to recall concepts and your consistency will be lost and therefore, you will take more time to study the same chapter. Thus, it is important to study consistently, the number of hours would eventually increase as you become consistently.

    • Please take care of your health – Not just during exam days but all three four months before exams, you should not eat, drink or get involved in any activity which affects your health. Achieving good health is not one day activity, you need to be consistently in good health to be fit and fine on your exam day.
    • Stay happy and think positive – Don’t be too much stressed out because of results. CA is a course, not passing it doesn’t mean end of your life. Whether ICAI manipulates results or not, is a different story. What will you achieve discussing and thinking about this point? I don’t feel it will improve your preparations, instead it would demotivate you. So I would recommend, stop being concerned about ICAI and its marking scheme, instead concentrate on your strengths. If you perform exceptional, nobody can take away your title. Be happy, stay positive. Stop thinking about results, think about your preparation.

    Conclusion: You might wonder why I have mentioned points relating to Articleship and Studies when question is about Studies. Most of us don’t realize that Articleship, Coaching classes and our habits during the three years before CA Final examination, is also a part of our studies. CA Final is not just an exam, it is a journey. Make this journey glorious and your career will be right direction!

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