Please help me regarding choosing Audit classes Neeraj Arora Sir OR Kapil goyal Sir ????

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Jasveer Singh 7 months 2022-03-03T15:13:13+05:30 1 Answer 11 views Teacher 0

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    Hello there ,

    I will suggest you to better decide it yourself by attending their lectures from YouTube . As the teacher who is perfect according to me may be not appropriate for you and vice versa .

    All of them had Posted plenty of videos on their channels on different topics .

    You can get a fair idea about their teaching style and their approach by doing so .

    What i feel is that who so ever is the teacher , at the end what matters is that how much time you yourself dedicated to the subject by doing self study .

    No teacher can make you perfect to sit in exams just by giving lectures . You have to do self study and follow the ICAI’s study material as much as possible such as RTPs MTPs etc .

    Thank you

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