How many hours have you studied per day for CA exams may 2022?

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Jasveer Singh 7 months 2022-03-02T16:41:26+05:30 1 Answer 2 views Teacher 0

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    According to my views – Hours of studying is something that cannot be set as a standard. Every individual has his or her own capacities, own abilities and strengths. The time required by one individual cannot be seen as a barometer for another individual.

    Take an example. Virat Kohli in an interview said hat he takes around 4 hrs in a gym session. That is because his cricketing career needs that time to be the best. Now this 4 hrs cannot be set as the level . Someone like Hardik Pandya might take 2–3 hrs but may achieve the same fitness level. That is because of other factors like age, work load etc.

    Similarly if one student studies 16 hours that doesn’t not mean everyone has to.

    It might be that the student is a slow learner or takes time to understand correctly whereas u might cover the same thing in 10 hours.

    The aim should not be to study ‘n’ no.of hours.

    I have seen one person do this. He used to see the time. 10 am – sits to study. Dot 2 pm – gets up. 4 hours done.Even if he is a middle of concept or sum he would get up. Later he would tell me he did 4 hrs of study in the morning.TOTALLY WRONG.

    Make sure u do these things –

    1. Clear the concepts. Even if takes hours or days. Concept clarity is must.
    2. Write down the harder parts to revise them later quickly and easily.
    3. Make your own notes.
    4. Have intelligent discussions with friends.
    5. Practice more and more.
    6. Cover the institute’s PM, RTP etc

    Eventually you will see, that you genuinely invest around 8–12 hours in a day.

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