How do I read CA foundation law?


How do I read CA foundation law?

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    Answer to this question varies from person to person and their studying approach. The best way to study law, according to me, will be a little different.

    Law is a very new subject for an average student in CA Foundation and the first chapter might prove to be the longest and the most boring, at least for me it was. Instead of starting with Indian Contract Act, 1872, I started with The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. Because one, it was short, two, I learned a little about LLP in my accountancy classes. I finished it, then started with The Companies Act, 2013. Many concepts I already studied in my business and accountancy classes. Following this approach law started to seem very interesting to me, I started with comparatively short chapters and in which I had an idea what the chapters are about.

    One more approach I followed was, after every concept I searched for questions on the same so I can clear my concepts and have a command over the section I was studying. The most challenging chapter was The Sales of Goods Act, 1930. It had many conditions, so it was confusing for me at the beginning but slowly I got the grip of it with rereading and solving case studies. Keep revising law even after you are confident in it, sections are inter-related and can confuse you if you leave it for a time.

    I would also suggest you enroll yourself for a test series, it will help you orient and acquaint yourself with exam pattern and learn to frame and write the answer, which students lack in theoretical exams like law and audit. I would suggest you choose PREPCA for their many features like counseling, chapter-wise analysis, learning the art of writing, you will get to know “where it went wrong” instead of “it went wrong.”

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