How can I get a rank in CA Inter?


How can I get a rank in CA Inter?

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Jasveer Singh 7 months 2022-03-14T15:37:33+05:30 1 Answer 2 views Teacher 0

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    Hi , I guess I’m eligible to answer your question because I’m AIR 20 CA Inter Nov 2020. Well I guess it depends on 5 things :

    1. Classes :- You can aim to pass without any coaching classes but not for a rank as self preparation can only get you as far as around 450–500 out of 800 and subjects like Costing, FM or Advance Accounting are difficult to understand on your own. You need to be thorough with the concepts and not the questions as ICAI may throw anything at you in the exams, and for that you need really good teaching.
    2. Time Management :- I used to have 2 schedules prepared. The first one listing down topics I need to cover throughout the month and the second one listing the topics to be done for the current week. That really helped me. Also I used to have a 12 hour study schedule with 2 hour sessions . Alternating sessions used to be Theory and Practical so that I don’t get bored.
    3. Hard work :- I don’t feel the need to explain this point because If you have chosen CA as a career, you need to work really hard.
    4. Mindset :- You need to have a strong and confident mindset. My mentor used to tell me this line : ‘ Tumhe paper ki first reading mai humesha paper difficult lagega but don’t panic ‘ Always remember this. This is Institute’s trick to get you to fail. As soon as you start panicking , you lose. Keep a calm mind and attempt the paper to your best. Don’t let any of the previous papers affect your coming papers.
    5. Practice :- You need to be thorough with every rtp, mtp and question papers of the past 5 years. For my attempt I had even solved the old syllabus rtps and question papers.

    That’s everything that I can tell you about achieving a rank. All the best !

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