Can I complete CA foundation in 60 days?


Can I complete CA foundation in 60 days?

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Jasveer Singh 7 months 2022-03-14T15:27:37+05:30 1 Answer 5 views Teacher 0

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    Sure, it’s more than enough to pass in CA foundation.

    Even if you start studying, from scratch definitely you can pass.

    First of all, make a timetable, stick to it and just study for these 60 days.

    1.Accounts-Module…just pratice module and understand the concepts.

    Just one tip- Accounts dekhna mat, make sure you practice on a paper because exam mei bahut dikkat ho jata hai, if you just think Aree yeh toh samjh gaye ab practice ki zarurat nhy

    RTP, MTP is must!

    2.Law-Refer YouTube for revision videos and module and also do practice one to two paper of English that will give you confidence.

    3.Maths- Selected topics to be done very perfectly, as you have less time.. So I will suggest you Logical Reasoning, Time value of money, Statistics, Permutation and Combination, AP GP.. Practice and make sure you know short tricks, as that will help you immensely in the exam.

    4.Economics-Practice Module questions at least 3 times and concept should be clear.

    All the best, give your best and don’t worry, you will definitely pass.. 💯💯

    P.S-If you have any doubt, you can dm me!

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