why students fail in ca exams?

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    CA is a course which I would compare with a “Shopping Mall”. This might seem funny, but I’ll try and justify the same…

    So, Can you visualise and describe this public place called “Shopping mall”? You may take help of this picture..

    Rich people will think of it as a status symbol, but Financially weak person will visualise them with the words such as ‘Grand, Attractive, Respectable, Visual treat, Heavenly, Lifestyle’ etc. etc…. In short, a great place to go…!! Isn’t it?

    Who all have access to this place? (Everyone, whatever the age may be and whoever he is, rich or poor..)

    Is there any age restrictions to have access to the shopping malls? (Obviously not)

    Is there any hefty amount which you need to pay in order to go inside and roam around? (No ways, that’s why we go there more often than other places..)

    Is it that you need to pay some random amount even if you want to touch the premium brand shirt? (No, you can just pick it up, head towards the changing room and try it without asking for anyone’s permission and click a few pics as well.. and show it off on social media.. and all of it without even buying it..)

    Is there any time restriction for entry and exit on per individual basis? (No, not at all… you can stay there as long as you want, and keep searching for the stuff which your pocket can afford…)

    If you’re reading this answer and if you’re a CA student, you would already have got the idea of what I am talking about..

    The reason why most people fail to complete CA is, it is more accessible than most of the other professional courses..

    CA Course has a huge entry gate, the most attractive “Welcome” board, and while entering, everyone carries equal amount of opportunity in their pockets!! but Everyone who goes in are not the ones who can manage to pay their hardwork at the billing desk and take the degree to their home..!!

    • Grand image, Respectable profession, Reputation, Earning potential, Lifestyle..

    • It has no hi-fi prerequisite qualification requirements. Any person who has cleared 12th standard can enter into the CA course.. and graduates can also use the ‘elevator’ (directly to the second floor)…

    • There’s no cost involved in order to get into the course.. no hefty admission fees, no donations, no merit requirements… and not much struggle to get inside the course..

    • There’s no time constraint involved. You may enter at any age (after 12th) and exit at any age..

    • You get perks in your teenage. You get paid for learning for 3 years in the form of stipend.. you can use it for paying your classes fees (to some extent at least)…

    So CA is not at all costly in terms of Money involved.. it welcomes everyone, whether rich or poor, intelligent or average…No reservations!! anyone can test their capabilities… but we need to prove our worth, we need to decide whether we would want to come out with or without the degree…It is very liberal unlike CFA, MBA or any other similar course, which attracts and allows only those people who fit into their criteria of entrance…

    But yes, CA is way too costly in terms of efforts which we need to put in order to succeed and get that qualification which commands lods of respect..

    Anyone can go to a mall and ‘try’ a premium brand shirt, but it requires tremendous amount of efforts for buying and owning that shirt…So, If you’re already into this course, make most out of it. No matter how many times you’ve tried, hustle hard and reach to the 3rd floor, and do come out wearing that costliest shirt in the entire mall…

    Thanks for reading (please excuse grammatical mistakes…)

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