Anyone having pdf of parveen jindal sir advance accounts module 1


Please share if anyone having

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    Hi everyone,

    Benefits from sirs classes can be divided into two parts:

    1. Exams perspective (which most of us are here for)
    2. Practical life perspective (in my view you read Ind AS in a descriptive manner only once then after clearing CA if you want to reference material it would be Raw Ind AS as per ICAI)

    A. Exams perspective:

    Sir’s course length is definitely 380 hrs main concepts then 40 hrs MTP + RTP solving in class (yes he has given videos for same as well)

    1. His teaching style is descriptive and slow so you can easily watch lectures in 1.5x to 1.8x
    2. He covers each and every concept relevant for exam point of view
    3. He notes down each and every concept with examples spoken in class for easy reference in the future.
    4. Since its Pendrive major questions what about the doubts??….sir solves doubts in three levels…(Level 1) during the class itself regarding the doubts asked in previous batches under each topic……(Level 2) After every Ind AS he has recorded a short video of 30 mins approx about the doubts asked to him by students through WhatsApp till date……(Level 3) If still there is any doubt in your head you can get it cleared through his official WhatsApp no.
    5. His notes are so comprehensive that you can even refer to the same after a year or two and you will feel like sir is speaking in front of you.
    6. He also shares the written notes as pdf for everything written in class including questions solutions solved in class in a colorful manner (which can save 40% to 50% of the entire mammoth subject)
    7. He explains each and every concept in such a manner that helps us to grasp it easily everything from the use of color pens to the highlight of keywords. In a structured tree format for easy memorization. (This is my personal observation if you haven’t observed go and check again might b helpful for easy retention of this mammoth)
    8. He uses the language of Ind AS in his notes as now FR is more of a Theoretical subject than of practical.
    9. The most important amendment, if you are an old student…… sir on his telegram channel, shares amendment notes with lectures…even if you do not have remaining views or your software is expired sirs team provides you the extension you just have to mail them on the registered mail id.
    10. He also shares videos for newly added questions though their concept might already be covered in his notes just for our sake.

    B. Practical application:

    Everything he taught in class is directly a part of Raw Ind AS and is directly related to practical life or accounting of each class of transaction taught in class……please go and read Ind AS after attending his class it will give a boost to your confidence regarding your practical knowledge or upgrade after attending his class

    Some Ind AS or concepts which are not part of Study Material is not covered in class.

    In overall terms, he is the best teacher for FR I have ever learned from will recommend the same.

    Just learn the concepts taught in class then any question is easy for you best of luck!!

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