Articleship Status

Previously, there were a few links through which you could check your articleship status but these links have been dead for the past few months.

The best option for you is to call up ICAI with your Registration number / DOB / Father's name, and ask for articleship status and ending date (In case of any descripancy they will tel you over the cal immediately)

ICAI National Helpline Numbers are as under:
011 39893990
022 39893989
033 39893989
044 39893989
0512 3989398


Mail them with the same details. Mail Ids of regional help lines can be taken from regional office websites they usually reply within 10 days in mail. Preferably mail from your registered mail ID with ICAI


Other way through which you can check your registration, articleship and membership status with ICAI online.

1. Check your status of articleship: (Click on the below link. Replace xxxxx with your student registration number)

2. Details of all students who are undergoing/ undergone training under a chartered accountant.( Click on the below link. Replace xxxxx with membership number of principal)

3. Members record and firm name search (Need to give membership number and date of birth) Page on 225.242.179

4. Employment status of member(Click on below link and replace xxxxx with membership number) Page on 225.242.179

5. Membership details.(Open the below URL and give the membership number) Page on 225.242.179

6. Details about members' association with firms (Click on below link and replace xxxxx with membership number)


Members of ICAI shall also see their membership status and firm status by providing required registration or membership number. The institute of Chartered Accountant of India has now provided new link for checking online the status of Articleship of CA students.
Many students are willing to know their CA ARTICLESHIP status with ICAI. Accordingly, CA Institute recently had given numerous routes for checking the status with ICAI for students and members & their CA firms.
There are two ways for check CA Articleship Status. We can provide both methods for Checking CA Articleship Status.
Method I: by Your CA’s Membership No.
This is very simple method where you have to enter the membership number of your principle. For using this method please follow below link and replace “123456” With your Principle’s membership Number.
Replace 123456 with CA’s member ship number …!
Method II: By Your Registration Number and DOB
Follow the Following Link or enter your details at below
After Visit on above page you may find drop down box, Please select Following types of letters

  • Article: Registration as articled assistant and for CA Final Course New Scheme
  • Article: Registration as articled assistant for Group 1 passed

Now Enter You Date of Birth or DOB and Also Enter Security Code and Click on Submit Button
Now Your Articleship Registration letter is appeared in your screen, you may find your Articleship registration date in this letter, please take print out of this letter or save in your local computer for future reference.

Method 3rd: By Using Principle Membership No and DOB

Many principal wants to know how many articles are registered under him. Please follow below procedure to check articles status.
Step 1 – Visit on Following link
Step 2 – Now Please Enter your Principal Membership No and Date of Birth (DOB)
Step 3 – Now Enter Security Code and Click on Submit Button
Step 4 – Now you can see your principle member card and at below of this page you may find list of Article/Audit Training.
Method 5th: By Your Registration No. 
By This Method You Can Check Only your Personal Details not your Articleship Status. By using this method you can check following Details

  • Full Name Registered with ICAI
  • Fathers Name
  • You Address
  • Mobile No
  • Registration Date
  • Pin Code
  • City